Microfiction #15 – Parallel Interlude

“I suppose that none of this is real,” Bob said, “just skip all the way down to the epilogue to find the last bit of our world,”

“Wait, what is that supposed to mean?” Alice asked.

“Do you think there would be any way for us to discover what kind of fabric of the space-time we really live in?” Bob said.

“What makes you bring this up?” Alice wondered.

“Like… Imagine if someone could tell what space-time we are in just by reading it off from a story,”

“Interesting, but does it really matter–that it always ends at some point after it starts?”

“Fair enough, but the readers could read it again, or even read it in reverse,” Bob said, “that way, they could determine whether or not there are any symmetries,”

“Wait, I’m not following you here, what do you mean by that?” Alice confused.

“I’m telling you that none of this is real,” Bob said, “just go back up to the prelude to find this very instantaneous surface of our world.”

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