Microfiction #14 – Quantum Lovers and Quantum Dating

Caroline had always been hesitant about the budding quantum relationship between her and Bob. As many lovers in the quantum realm had discovered throughout their atemporal history, that a broken entangled lover was always a risky gamble.

Bob had grown more genuine with his feelings toward Caroline and had well moved on from Alice—whom he had entangled with in his past quantum relationship. However, he was a bit aggrieved with how Caroline kept holding things back.


“Do you think this will ever work out?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said.

“What if…”

“No, stop…”

Bob interrupted Caroline. They both knew and they both had the conversation but reluctantly decided to be ignorant of the truth. A truth governed by the quantum mechanics laws that not any lover could ever escape once they get entangled in any quantum dating.


Alice and Bob used to be madly in love and the two of them was entangled thinking they were both “soul mates”. The two of them knew once they entangle themselves with one another, it will be nearly impossible to unentangle themselves again.

Eventually and unfortunately, Alice and Bob parted ways. If one of them found a real “true love” and his or her wave function collapsed, that entanglement could mean a tribulation to the other.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” she said.

“It will be okay,” he said, “hey, come here…”


As Bob was trying to hug and console Caroline, he disappeared in a split femtosecond.

“Bb… Bob?” she said, “Honey?”

Caroline stood still, her crescent-moon eyebrows raised and shock evident in her doleful facial expression—witnessing her very nightmare finally happening before her widened, teary round eyes.


Somewhere in the quantum realm, Alice had found her “true love” and her wave function really did collapse. Alice new entanglement had caused one of Bob’s states to collapse, as expected, pulling him into somewhere new, random Hilbert space and away from the quantum embrace of Caroline—whom could have been his “one” if had he not been separated so tragically from her, and if had they somehow managed to first collapse their wave functions, like Alice apparently just did.

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