My Poem Appeared in Anak Sastra

As the title suggests, my poem appeared in a Southeast Asia literary journal, Anak Sastra of 47th Issue, earlier this year around April. It was my first published work and like any other amateur writer, it meant a lot to me despite how trivial it was. This piece also has something special about it--that is, … Continue reading My Poem Appeared in Anak Sastra

Microfiction Monday – 144th Edition

My work appears in Microfiction Monday Magazine’s 144th edition this week! This is the second time my literary work got published and is the first time I get to go beyond the Southeast Asia’s fiction market. I’m so stoked!

Microfiction Monday Magazine

That The Blood Won’t Turn

by G.J. Williams

No, the jackdaws have not turned grey, they’re simply covered in ashes. It’s the times we live in. If panthers were native to these parts, they too would have a dusting of grey. It’s just how it is. And to preempt any objection to my use of the word ‘dusting’in this context, be assured that I am all too aware of how deeply ingrained in fur feather and skin is this ash of which we speak. The roses are grey, the grass is grey. What we dread is what a flesh-wound might reveal: grey blood, its flow weak.

Walk Like Lovers

by Akmal Hafizi

As we’ve just missed a bus on our way back to the dorms, I was afraid you’d think this is the worst date you’ve ever gone on after lectures. But, to see you’re still gleaming those dilated pupils…

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Microfiction #28 – Sweet As It May

"Have you ever thought of how the adorable nicknames 'highschool sweetheart' and 'college sweetheart'--sweet as it may, would have come from a much more depressing origin?" he asks. "And that is?" she replies. "I mean, where do you think heartbreaks come from?" "But isn't it beautiful that it lasts," she says, "an unforgettable tale of … Continue reading Microfiction #28 – Sweet As It May

Microfiction #26 – All the Unrequited Loves

"I believe all the unrequited loves are still out there somewhere. Prolly lightyears away, fleeing through space and time. Ashamed of their past and desperate for a retrieval. And someday, one fine day, on their lightyears journey eons through the observable universe, all the unrequited loves will reach the end of the universe, and they … Continue reading Microfiction #26 – All the Unrequited Loves

Microfiction #22 – The Second Law

“You know what—heartbreak and death are the few things that make me ponder the second law of thermodynamics a little further,” she said, as she lay down stargazing the studded night sky on a cold grass field. “Entropy?” he asked, lying on the same patch of dewy grass, “it’s just a bunch of derivatives.” “Why … Continue reading Microfiction #22 – The Second Law

Microfiction #17 – The Letter Has Found Me

The letter has found me befuddled in a gloomy passageway of a century-old building. The architectural influence is of Grecian-Spanish--tinged with mossy white and chapped blood red paint. A spectre-like young lady donning bright yellow sundress seems to be passing hither and yon behind old pillars along the hushed corridor. Somehow, the lady seems to … Continue reading Microfiction #17 – The Letter Has Found Me

An Idiot Approach to the Derivation of Mathematical Expressions of the Bridge and Torch Problem

First off, I had been working on this puzzle--trying to derive an equation or two out of it--over the past two years. I was first presented with the puzzle at a science museum I used to work part-time at. Intrigued by how mathematically intuitive it is--at least, that's how I immediately perceived it--I ruminated about … Continue reading An Idiot Approach to the Derivation of Mathematical Expressions of the Bridge and Torch Problem

Microfiction #16 – Approaching the Convergence

“Have you ever thought of how the socioeconomic status can be put as a converging logarithmic function in a Cartesian plane; where as we grow older, our socioeconomic status converges to a certain limit or value?” he asks, “hence, slowly diminishing opportunities in life to null.” “Hm, that’s a good question,” she replies as she … Continue reading Microfiction #16 – Approaching the Convergence

Microfiction #14 – Quantum Lovers and Quantum Dating

Caroline had always been hesitant about the budding quantum relationship between her and Bob. As many lovers in the quantum realm had discovered throughout their atemporal history, that a broken entangled lover was always a risky gamble. Bob had grown more genuine with his feelings toward Caroline and had well moved on from Alice—whom he … Continue reading Microfiction #14 – Quantum Lovers and Quantum Dating