My Poem Appeared in Anak Sastra

As the title suggests, my poem appeared in a Southeast Asia literary journal, Anak Sastra of 47th Issue, earlier this year around April. It was my first published work and like any other amateur writer, it meant a lot to me despite how trivial it was. This piece also has something special about it–that is, it was published during Eid al-Fitr of this year that which was what the poem was all about–at least, that’s the main theme surrounding it.

Basically, the poem is about kampung (Malay hometown) and about a childhood nostalgia that the former is often associated with by most Malays. Also, I reconciled the style of pantun (Malay traditional poetry art) with conventional rhymes and alliteration and adding a few Malaysian elements through Bahasa summed up my takes on the submission for Anak Sastra. And just like my other poems, it’s packed with imageries to feed your mind with wholesome visualisations. Spoiler alert: it’s a love story in a prose.

All in all, no amount of description could do more justice to the piece than to give it a read yourself. Below is the file of the literary journal in which my work appeared (and turn to page 72):

** Erratum: On page 4, my author’s background should supposedly be:

Akmal Hafizi is an amateur writing enthusiast based in Malaysia who is majoring in physics and loves to pen his fictions as theoretically, if not mathematically rigour.


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